What is Choice-Based Art?

Choice-Based Art

  • helps kids know that they are artists
  • builds 21st century skills like communication and creative problem solving
  • addresses visual arts standards, both local and national
  • supports Auburn’s Vision 2020
  • empowers kids in all areas of art, from creation to exhibition to analysis to connecting with history and other cultures
  • allows kids to feel safe and confident because they are moving at their own pace and within their zone of proximal development
  • is fully differentiated to meet the needs of every learner
  • is highly engaging to kids, because they are able to focus on their own interests and strengths
  • uses the Studio Habits of Mind so that kids learn how to think like artists, instead of  simply following directions to make a product


For more information, check out the following resources:

Books (you can borrow these from me if you want!)